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82 Year Old Veteran Saves Four

Margaret Parrish heard her puppies barking, so she went to check on them.

"As soon as she cracked the door [an intruder] grabbed her by the hair, put the gun in her ear and said, ‘If you make a sound I'll blow your brains out,'" said John Parrish, her 83-year-old husband.

The intruder bound Margaret's arms and legs with duct tape. John tried to help her but met the same fate. The intruder left to ransack the home, giving John time to wriggle free. "I had to get my gun," he recalls.

Meanwhile the intruder tied up another man, Danny Carlson, and a 10-year-old girl who were also in the home. He had just finished tying up Carlson when Parrish arrived on the scene with his .22-cal. revolver.

Parrish fired several shots and believes he hit the intruder, who fled.

Carlson's leg was injured when the intruder returned fire, but he would be okay.

"I don't know what that guy would've done if Parrish had not come up here," Carlson said.

(The Atlanta-Journal Constitution, Atlanta, GA, 07/16/09)

(this is why when I hear a noise and investigate, my shotgun goes with me - Robert G.)

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