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Man Pulls Gun on Kids Who Rang Doorbell

Austin Police have arrested Richard Yax for possession of a prohibited weapon after they say he pulled a gun on three children who rang his doorbell and ran off.

Friday night, a little before 9:00, in an Avery Ranch neighborhood three boys were having a sleep over. The oldest is 12 years old. According to one of their mothers, who asked not to be identified, the kids slipped out for a little mischievous adventure. Ringing door bells.

"Well, they are ding dong ditching, which is wrong," said the mom.

It was one door bell too many when they reached a house on Broadbay Dr. owned by Richard Yax.

"When he opened the door, he screamed, you woke my family up, and it was only 8:00, and they were running and my son jumped in the bushes," said the mom.

Yax, investigators say, came out with what appeared to be a semi-automatic rifle.

"Not only was he cussing at them, he was clicking it, cocking it, 15, 20 times," said the mom.

The boys claim he chased them down the street, and after cornering them in a cul-de-sac, Yax allegedly said, " I'll put a (expletive) hole in your head," while leveling a rifle at one of them. According to the arrest warrant, the end of the gun barrel was 4 to 6 inches away from the head of one of the boys. Yax denies he pointed the rifle, but reportedly admits he demanded an apology after chasing them down.

When police arrived at the home of Richard Yax, according to court documents, he told investigators that he only used his sons toy air rifle. But when investigators pressed to see the toy rifle they found something different. An AR - 15 rifle, made by Panther Arms, was recovered. The clip was not inserted, but what was in the clip was a surprise.

"Armor piercing rounds were found, when the officers got there and found the rifle, it was not loaded, but the magazine that was sitting next to the rifle was loaded with armor piercing rounds," said Austin Police Dept. Corporal Scott Perry.

Because of those military bullets, Yax was arrested for having a prohibited weapon. He is also charged with Aggravated Assault.

Avery Ranch is located in Williamson County, which is why Richard Yax was taken to the jail in Georgetown. Eventually he'll end up in the Travis County Jail. Investigators determined that he has an active warrant for his arrest. It involves a Theft by Check case dating back to 1994.

(, Austin, TX, 12/08/09)

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