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Dayton, OH Home Invasion

"I didn't know who they were, and they kept asking,'Where's the money?'" Bradley Fugate recalls of a frightening home invasion incident.

Police say the armed suspects burst into the home shortly after Fugate opened the front and back doors to let some cool air inside. One of the men pushed Fugate's niece onto a bed and began rummaging through a safe. "That was enough for me and it allowed me to get my gun from where I keep it. ... I raised up and fired," Fugate said.

The shot missed and the struggle led to the kitchen. "He turned around and raised his gun up at me. That's when I shot him," Fugate explained.

The suspect was killed. His accomplice fled, later committing suicide during a standoff with police.

"I ain't no hero, and I'm broken up about it," Fugate said. "I did what I had to do."

(Dayton Daily News, Dayton, OH, 09/02/09)

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