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Knife-Wielding Attacker Shot Dead

Published March 5, 2010

By Shaun Chaiyabhat, WREG news Channel 3


  • Man with knife at Family Dollar store shot dead by customer
  • Shooter had two children with him
  • Witnesses say shooting was self-defense

(Memphis 3/5/10) Chaos erupted at a Family Dollar store when a man with a knife chased customers and was shot dead.

Witnesses at the store near Delano and North Watkins say the attacker picked the wrong victim.

"He got what he deserved," says one woman. "It's as simple as that."

Police say a man with a knife raced through the parking lot just after 3:00 p.m.. Witnesses say the man chased a delivery driver and others, but was killed when he tried to lunge his knife at one driver leaving the parking lot. The driver pulled a gun and killed his attacker on the spot.

"I just seen him shoot down. I thought he was just shooting in the ground. Obviously, he was shooting the gentleman with the knife," says Byron Cook who watched the ordeal from start to finish, along with his three year-old grandson.

Witnesses say two little girls were inside the car when the attacker lunged at the driver.

"He had his two step-daughters in the car with him. So, he really was trying to look out for them when he shot him," says Brandon Jones, who says the girls appeared to be younger than ten. "Yeah, they saw everything that happened. One of them was real shaken."

Jones heard roughly six shots, then saw the man on the ground with the butcher knife still in hand. Witnesses can't make sense of the attacker's motive, but they're certain the shooting was self-defense.

"He did the right thing by taking care of his business," says Jones. "The girls are safe."

"You've got to protect yourself," says Cook. "He had his two kids in the car and they were terrified."

"Self defense," says one woman. "That's what I would have done, the same thing."

Witnesses say the shooter was stabbed, but appeared to be okay. Police have not released the name of the attacker.

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