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A message from Dr. Ignatius Piazza, Frontsight

Last week I shared one of the best examples of why EVERY WOMAN should own a gun-- that even the most rabid, gun-grabbing politicians could never dispute.

This week I have another, equally irrefutable example of why EVERY MAN should own a gun-- that even the most anti-gun, peace activist could never dispute.

I want to warn you, before you read any further, that the gloves are off in this blog and has some extremely blunt words for the male population who don't have the testicular fortitude to step up and protect an "honest, vibrant, hard working, helpful, conscientious, decent, wonderful young woman" from being brutally raped and murdered.

This may offend some of you with what is going to be said, but I believe in this case, strong words need to be said.

I cannot be the only person who saw this news story and was thoroughly disgusted that a woman, pregnant with twins, continued to be raped for several minutes and then murdered, all while the man who witnessed it, and could have done something to stop it, DID NOTHING other than run away and call 911.

Watch this news story and then, if you are up to it, read comments from me that you will NEVER see on the evening news....

Man calls 911 and Then Listens as His Pregnant Neighbor is Raped and Murdered

News Story

So here are the blunt comments. If you are offended by them, then I suggest you need to hear them more than anyone else....

I understand we have no legal obligation to come to the aid of a woman being raped. But what about our moral, ethical or spiritual obligation in the ongoing battle of good over evil?

Can there be any situation in the human condition that more clearly defines evil than the brutal rape and murder of a "honest, vibrant, hard working, helpful, conscientious, decent, wonderful young woman" pregnant with twins-- at the hands of a career felon?

How could any man see his neighbor being raped and do nothing other than run back to his apartment and call 911?

You know it had to take several minutes or MORE for the police to arrive after the 911 call. How could he just sit in his duplex, hearing a woman he had known for five years, screaming and begging the rapist to stop, yet do nothing to stop it?

I will tell you how. HE WAS SCARED. Scared so bad, this Cowardly Lion did nothing when he should have done something to immediately stop the attack. Would you be scared in a similar situation? Would I be scared? Possibly, but courage is defined as DOING WHAT IS NEEDED and WHAT IS RIGHT, even when you are scared.

There is no shame in being scared. There is shame in sitting idle when your actions-- and your actions alone-- could have made the difference between life or death of an innocent woman and her unborn twins... a real and immediate difference in the endless clash between good and evil.

Make no mistake. Evil won this time because a mortal man sat idly by and did nothing to stop it.

Are there not some things that are worse than personal injury or death? How about dishonor, cowardice, humiliation and shame, to name a few? The pain of these self-inflicted wounds to your soul last an eternity and hurt infinitely more than the quick, hot and sharp wounds to our flesh from an opponent's blow.
So ask yourself, WHAT WOULD YOU HAVE DONE?

I know what my answer is and it would NOT have been to tap on the glass with my flashlight and scream "Don't do that! Stop that! I'm going to call the police!" and then run back to my apartment! Hell no. Had I been there, the State of California would have one less convicted felon/sexual predator in their system to be released again when budget constraints create yet another massive, early release of violent criminals.

Pretty easy decision for me as to what I would do, because just as we teach at Front Sight, I have confronted these situations in my mind-- in advance, and have made such decisions in my mind-- in advance. As a result, I am not so "shocked" when confronted with pure evil that I am overcome with fear and cannot do anything except call 911 while listening to an innocent woman beg for her dignity and the lives of her unborn twins....

I also have the Comfort of Skill at Arms on my side AND SO CAN YOU! It is called COMFORT because having a gun and knowing how to use it when you are faced with defending yourself, your family, or your neighbor is comforting and THAT gives you the edge you need to act with courage and win! So here is what I have to say to every man in America....

If you can look into the mirror and without flinching, know deep in your soul that you would have stepped up to defend this woman-- even without a gun in your hand, then I salute you and encourage you to get a gun and get trained because men like you deserve to be armed and should be armed to protect everyone else who lacks the will to do so.

On the other hand, after taking a good hard look at yourself, you realize you just don't have enough spine to do what is needed and what is right should you ever come face-to-face with evil, THEN GET A GUN and GET TRAINED TO USE IT! All you lack, just as the Cowardly Lion who listened to his neighbor being raped and murdered lacked, is the Comfort of Skill at Arms.

(, Dr. Ignatius Piazza, 12/21/09)

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