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Hudspeth County Sheriff tells Citizens to Arm Themselves

"I rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6"

Republic Broadcasting Network

I just heard this and wanted to get the entire story before saying anything about it. Sheriff Arvin West of Hudspeth County, the third largest county in Texas has told his citizens to arm themselves, that he can no longer provide protection for them against spillover violence in the border areas. Iím sure the sheriff did not take this lightly, the violence pouring over the Mexican/American border is rapidly getting beyond what local and state authorities can contain. The sheriff made the statement at a town hall meeting. Governor Rick Perry has already activated the Texas border violence spillover contingency plan, in which he requested federal aid.

There is no doubt that Texas is a robust state to say the least, the shame here is that they have been abandoned by the federal government and the entire Obama administration including Janet Napolitano, Secretary of Home Land Security. Texas is not alone, New Mexico and Arizona are also in the line of fire, literally. All three states have requested federal assistance in deployment of National Guard troops to the border regions and in keeping with true Obama fashion, they either received no answer or were turned down. This issue is starting to take on a political look, these states donít seem too friendly towards Obama and he is doing nothing for them in return. The difference between the two is that Obama swore an oath to protect and defend the United States. An oath he is violating in more ways than just with the border, but in this case he is showing no honor what so ever.

Dumping national security issues onto the states is unheard of. Make no mistake about it, this is a national security issue. Obama wants Mexican votes so he is playing politics. What this does is give people one more reason to vote Democrats out this November. The border states have even a more compelling reason, the Obama administration is leaving them hung out with no help coming. The American people need to get behind this issue, the main stream media is keeping this very low profile because they know what the outcome will be. Any Democratic lawmaker in any western state should be asked what the hold up is with the federal government doing its job? Democrats are backing Obama on this, just as they are with his blatant abusive behavior toward Israel.

The sheriff repeated an old line,Ē I rather be judged by 12 than carried by 683;. If that attitude spreads, as maybe it should, it could be a long hot summer at the border. And it could be a cold day in hell when the Democrats gain any power again in Washington. I think Ted Nugent is in Texas these days, I heard he is a pretty good shot. Watch your six my friends.

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