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Shoplifter Puts Manager's Life at Risk

When a grocery store manager saw a woman walking away with a stolen bag of meat products, she yelled for the woman to stop.

According to police, the brazen shoplifter got into her car. As the manager was writing down the license plate, the shoplifter sped toward her, striking the manager and causing her to fall onto the hood. She held on for dear life as the car sped toward an exit.

A bystander saw what was occurring, so he blocked the exit with his vehicle and demanded the shoplifter get out of her car. With the manager still holding on to the hood, the shoplifter tried to maneuver around the vehicle.

The bystander, a concealed-carry permit holder, drew his 9mm pistol and yelled at the shoplifter to stop. She again refused.

Fearing for the manager's life, he fired a shot through the driver's side window, striking the suspect as she sped off. The car traveled about 200 feet before the wounded driver slowed down.

The manager got off the hood unharmed. Police arrested the shoplifter at the hospital.

(Kansas City Star, Kansas City, MO, 09/03/09)

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