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Escaped Prisoners Deterred by Gun Owner

Two men trying to enter Cassidy Lockett's home had to be aware it was occupied.

They'd likely seen Lockett in the front window as they arrived, and there was a lot of noise as she hurried her three young, frightened children into a bedroom.

With the children secure, she phoned police and loaded her .22-cal. semi-automatic pistol.

Police say the men, escapees from a nearby state prison, thrust a window open. One of the men leaned inside.

"I was pointing the gun at him and, you know, I used a few choice words and told him to get out or I was going to shoot," Lockett said.

The men fled the property, only to be caught within minutes by police. The next day Lockett's husband helped her pick out a new home defense firearm.

"I'm definitely more prepared," she said. "We bought a 12-ga. shotgun."

(Lewiston Tribune, Lewiston, ID, 07/27/09)

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