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This week I have one of the best examples of the lifesaving importance of firearm ownership- that even the most rabid, gun-grabbing politicians could never dispute.

Here is the actual 911 call of a woman behind lock doors, with a big dog, and the police dispatch on the phone for over 30 MINUTES as a deranged man relentlessly attempts to find a way in to get her...

The fence and locked gate did not stop the man.
The big dog did not stop the man.
The locked doors and windows of her home did not stop the man.
Her son, the cop, could not stop the man.
The 911 dispatchers could not stop the man.
The police could not stop the man.

The only thing that stopped the man was the woman's mindset that she was NOT going to allow him to enter and her decision that she would use deadly force to stop him if needed.

This courageous woman not only made the right choice, she handled herself in an extraordinary manner by delivering a single, well placed shot to end the threat.

If I were to speak with her, I would express my empathy for her enduring such a terrifying experience and tell her there is no need to ask for forgiveness in defending one's life. She did the right thing. I'm proud of her and I believe millions of responsible and rational gun owners across this country are proud of her too!

Here is the article and the link to the entire 911 call that lasts over 30 minutes...

Intruder Shot And Killed By Lincoln Co. Homeowner

(listen to the 911 call)

A woman shot and killed a man who was trying to break into her Lincoln County home early Friday morning, authorities said.

Sheriff Chuck Mangion said 57-year-old Donna Jackson called 911 around 12:30 a.m. to report that she was home alone and a man was trying to break in her patio door, after her dogs’ barking woke her up.

Jackson told the 911 dispatcher that the man was screaming and threatening to hurt her.

"They need to hurry. He's going to break this thing open. When he does, I'll have to kill him and I don't want to kill him," Jackson said during the 911 call.

For over 10 minutes the man continued banging at the door and yelling profanities, threatening Jackson while she waited for police to arrive.

"I can hear him banging the doors and yelling at her. I was scared for her," said Brenda Hart, a Lincoln County 911 dispatch who was on the phone with Jackson during the incident.

When the man picked up a patio table and threw it through the glass door and entered the home, Jackson, who was home alone, couldn’t wait for deputies any longer. Jackson then shot striking him in the chest with a 16-gauge shotgun. The 911 dispatcher heard the glass breaking and the gun fire on the other end of the line.

"I shot. I'm going out front. I hit him. God help me," Jackson said during the 911 call. "Please dear God. I think I killed him. Please Father in heaven, oh my god."

The dispatcher on the other end of the line tried to comfort Jackson, telling her there was nothing she could have done — she had to protect herself.

"As to what his motives were in trying to break into the house remains unclear,” Mangion said.

Jackson said the man was "drunk sounding" and talking "crazy.” He apparently didn’t know where his pickup was, and he kept yelling for someone named "Pat.”

The burglary suspect was identified as Bill Riley, 53. Investigators said he may have been under the influence of alcohol or narcotics. Mangion said Riley had been driving near Jackson's house when he crashed his pickup truck. It wasn't immediately clear why he went to Jackson's home.

Riley was no stranger to the sheriff’s office.

"I’d say he’s been in and out of jail since he was old enough to go to jail,” Mangion said. "He has a long history of drug and alcohol-related offenses.”

But what has the sheriff puzzled is why the intruder was so determined to break into Jackson’s rather fortified home, marked by a locked gate and "Beware of the dog” signs.

"For me listening to the call the hardest part was hearing her pray for forgiveness, being put in a position that no one should ever have to be put into taking action in her own hands," said Joan Herd, a Lincoln County 911 dispatch who was on the phone with Jackson during the incident. Jackson's family did not want to comment at this time.

Mangion said the case is being investigated as a homicide and information has been sent to the district attorney, who will determine whether if there will be any charges in this shooting. Under state law, Jackson was in the right to take legal action in self defense.

( and Associated Press, Lincoln County, OK, 12/04/09)

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