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CHL Holder Saves Store Owner From Being Killed and Others From Being Shot

The robber who burst inside a food market waving a gun seemed surprised to find eight shoppers inside.

He ordered everyone to the floor, firing shots in the customers' direction and twice shooting store owner, Mustapha Kassou.

Police say that's when a man with a concealed-carry permit leapt to his feet and drew his .45-cal. Colt revolver. He told the robber to drop the gun.

When the robber didn't comply, the armed citizen shot him, took his gun and held him for police.

Onlookers encouraged the armed citizen to shoot the robber again, but he kept his cool and exercised better judgment.

Kassou is recovering from his injuries.

"The armed citizen saved a lot of lives," he said. "He was like an angel who came to save everybody."

(Richmond Times-Dispatch, Richmond, VA, 07/15/09)

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