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Repeat Offender and Accomplice Burglarize Home

Police say Bryan Derocher saw two suspicious men prowling around his property, so he called his brother, Chris, who lives on the property in a separate dwelling. Chris hurried home to find his garage window damaged and motion-sensor light on.

Bryan, armed with a handgun, joined Chris to investigate. When they opened the garage door, they discovered the two prowlers inside. One man aimed what appeared to be a gun (later identified as a bb gun) at the Derochers.

Bryan fired two shots, killing the gunman. The other prowler threw his hands into the air and waited for police.

His dead accomplice had previous arrests for armed robbery, burglary, illegal carrying of a firearm and other serious charges.

Police were investigating about 15 recent burglaries—an unusual number for the area—and suspect the prowlers' involvement.

(Daily Comet, Thibodaux, La., 05/07/09)

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