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Intoxicated Intruder Discouraged by Gun Owner

Rocking her baby to sleep one night, a Traverse City, Mich., woman heard her kitchen door open and saw a strange man enter her home.

"She's just sitting there in the dead of night and this guy comes in and scares the crap out of her," Traverse City Police Capt. Steve Morgan said.

The woman ran into her bedroom and alerted her husband who retrieved a handgun and confronted the suspect, Aaron TwoCrow of Suttons Bay, Mich.

On seeing the gun, TwoCrow ran from the house and was later arrested. Police say he appeared to be intoxicated, but gave no indication as to why he had entered the home.

He was charged with misdemeanor illegal entry.

(Traverse City Record Eagle, Traverse City, MI, 09/22/09)

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