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This incident presents points for those who are out by ourselves and typically after dark. Situational awareness, parking proximity to building exits, parking lot lighting and finally; defensive tools at your disposal...

A well armed individual is capable of fending off or dispersing multiple attackers.

Two Arrested in Mall Parking Lot Robbery

Two teens have been arrested in connection with a robbery outside an area mall.

According to the Montgomery County Sheriff's office, last Friday two victims, ages 28 and 13, were robbed as they were leaving The Woodlands Mall. The victims told deputies that as they were leaving the mall around 7:45pm, they were approached by a group of four males and three females. The older victim was attacked by at least three of the suspects and recently purchased packages were stolen.

During a search inside the mall two suspects were found and identified by the victims as participants in the assault and robbery. Dustin Blake Thomas and Isidoro Guimaraes, both age 17, have been arrested and charged with robbery.

The other suspects have not been identified or arrested.

(, THE WOODLANDS, TX (KTRK), 12/14/09)

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