Robert Greene is a Texas Concealed Handgun Instructor, NRA certified instructor, and former law enforcement officer. 

Comprehensive training covers all the requirements and restrictions of Concealed Handgun License (CHL); Thorough review of Concealed handgun laws, firearm safety, self defense and alternatives to using force.

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Texas CHL PodCasts

by Robert Greene

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  • 11/15/2012
    Campus Carry Discussion - Mark, Ed and Sgt. Sam Morning Show, KLBJ 590AM, Austin.TX
  • 07/25/2012
    FOX News Interview - Aurora, CO Theatre Shooting Influence on CHL Class Size
  • 07/14/2011
    Open Carry Interview, KEYE, Austin, TX
  • 04/03/2012
    Oakland, CA College shooting Discussion - Todd and Don Show, KLBJ 590AM, Austin.TX
  • 09/01/2011
    Interview - Todd and Don Show, KLBJ 590AM, Austin.TX
  • 05/09/2011
    Campus Carry Passes From the Texas Senate Floor
  • 04/21/2011
    Summary of Campus Carry and Excerpts From Radio Interviews
  • 04/14/2011
    Longhorn Live Radio In Studio Discussion on Concealed Carry on Campus
  • 04/07/2011
    Longhorn Live Radio Call In Teaser on Concealed Carry on Campus
  • 03/04/2011
    Concealed Carry on Campus & Silly People
  • 02/15/2011
    Current CHL Bills in TX