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Austin Texas Concealed Handgun License training is a great chl certification program with training conducted by NRA certified instructors.

Texas Law Shield provides comprehensive legal protection for all CHL holders and their families for more than just situations involving firearms. PPL protective services can provide you legal assistance for your Concealed Handgun License and a thorough translation of Concealed handgun laws, handgun ownership rights, legal representation in the event of self defense and for the use force.

CHL Holders

Legal Protection Plan

About the Instructor

Robert Greene is a 10 year law enforcement veteran, NRA Certified and State Licensed. Read more

Texas Law Shield, Inc.

Members have 24/7 access to professional legal counsel not only for CHL related and traditional legal problems, but for everyday events such as:

  • -Buying a house or a car
  • -Creating a will
  • -Handling a problem with an insurance company
  • -Dealing with identity theft
  • -Presenting or Discharging your weapon...

...and much more where legal review should be routine, but rarely is.

These events can be among the most important events in a person's life, yet there is a tendency for them to take place without proper legal review.

For Pre-Paid Legal members, access to legal counsel is only a toll-free phone call away.

What is a Pre-Paid Legal Plan?

You only get as much justice as you can afford. If you don't know your rights, you simply don't have any! The top 10% of income earners can afford to have a lawyer on retainer and are accustomed to asking their lawyer for advice before making decisions. What about you?


With Texas Law Shield: You know who to call. You're treated like the firm's most important client. A one year membership costs $312 or less. You are empowered by knowing your legal rights.

Without Texas Law Shield: You may try to handle it yourself. You'll likely receive as much justice as you can afford. You may pay hundreds of dollars for ONE HOUR of a lawyer's time. If you don't know your rights, you don't have any!

Texas Law Shield "levels the playing field" in the justice system. With a Texas Law Shield plan you can say, "I'm going to talk to my lawyer about this." -- and mean it!

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