Sign-up today for a private Austin Texas Concealed Handgun License training class.

Our NRA certified instructor will come to your preferred location. Training covers all the requirements and restrictions of Concealed Handgun License (CHL); Thorough review of Concealed handgun laws, firearm safety, self defense and alternatives to using force.

Texas CHL Private Instruction

We are aware that not everyone wishes to sit in a classroom environment with others for several reasons and for this purpose we offer our Private Instruction at your location.

There are few barriers to holding the classroom portion of the Texas CHL course at your preferred location and this makes it a great opportunity to take advantage of for our clients.

We are able to come to your choice of location whether that be a private residence, office conference room or other setting where you and your group may be in more comfortable surroundings and learning is more effective.

We only have a few requirements in order to be able to accommodate your request for private instruction at your location.

Every requested location for instruction must provide an environment conducive to learning. There must be sufficient space and seating for all intended participants.

Due to the use and utilization of PowerPoint and Multi-Media for presentation of instructional materials, sufficient space must be available for screen and projector setup. Screen and projector may be substituted with video and audio equipment already on location so long as the correct connections can be made. Screen must visible to all applicants, 48" minimum is preferred. Compatibility and utilization of on location equipment will be determined prior to the agreed date of instruction in order to avoid technical difficulties.

Base rate of $250 for Private Instruction includes the cost for the primary applicant whether New or Renewal. All additional attending applicants will be charged at the regular rate for New or Renewal instruction, respectively. Base rate does not include calculated costs for travel of $0.65 per mile round trip.

Private Instruction fees may be adjusted dependant upon specific circumstances or additional services provided and are entirely up to the discretion of the instructor.

You may contact us with any additional questions or to arrange for a Private Instruction session.