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Office Shootings & What to DO...:

There is little that is more scary than the idea of someone coming to your place of worship, work, or education with the intent to kill as many people as they can... before killing themselves.

We call these people 'active shooters'.

How do you reason with someone who feels they have nothing left to lose?

The answer is- YOU CAN'T.

What would happen if YOU had been in that office building in Florida?

In 'Active Shooter' situations such as these that are becoming more and more common, the only thing you can do is be ready.

Please take a few moments, and read the following short article regarding these deadly situations from US Concealed Carry. Remember- let yourself have no regrets.

In Consideration of The Active Shooter

by CR Williams

Okay, we've had two incidences, two assaults in two days. They are not the first; they will not be the last. Some of you are pretty sure of what you'll do if evil ever comes to visit like that; some of you are worried and wondering what you're supposed to do against that.

So let's consider some concepts:

No specialized training is required. Most of what you know can be applied against an Active Shooter just as well as it can be applied against the armed robber. The same tactics, the same techniques, the same tools, the same decisions, the same will to win, the same training.

Don't be fooled and don't fool yourself into thinking that this is some kind of unusual situation where little if anything that you have already applies. It is not. It surely does.

That said, more training will help. Most of us don't have enough. And by training, I mean fight training, as opposed to shooting training. Yes, you need to learn how to shoot the gun. That's fundamental, and that's important. But you need to move quickly to learn how to fight with the gun. Start choosing your training opportunities accordingly.

Visualization is your friend. I don't mean idle day-dreaming or casual 'what-ifs' in your head. I mean the mental equivalent of the ST Next Generation Holodeck. Set up the image, establish the players, start the production...you are the director and actor.

Look at the set up, the movement, the angles, the actions, the reactions. See yourself acting correctly, hitting solidly, fighting, winning. If you're not feeling some emotional reaction and maybe a slight increase in pulse rate, think more harder. Visualization is a proven tool to improvement, to competence, to survival.

Understand the stakes. This is not a normal crime. There is little if any chance that you can stop them with a warning or the simple display of a weapon. The Active Shooter does not intend to survive his/their attack.

They have walked in to that place with the idea that they are going to choose the time and place of their death, and of yours. Don't let them have that choice. Don't let them choose for you. Don't let them decide.

Let me be clear on this: The choice they offer will not be whether or not anyone lives or dies. The choice will be who dies, where they die, and when they die. You will have the opportunity and the chance to take that choice away from them and to bring it back to the good people where it really belongs.


Like Mr. Williams says: DON'T MISS your chance to save your life, and the lives of those around you.

In other words- Don't Hesitate.

Remember; an Active Shooter can strike any day.

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